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Ensuring Your Safety: Health and Safety Protocols at MicroBarber

At MicroBarber, your well-being is our foremost concern. We take a comprehensive approach to health and safety, adhering to strict protocols to create a secure environment for both clients and students. Here's an overview of the measures we've implemented:

Blood Borne Pathogen Certification:

  • Our team undergoes rigorous training and holds certifications in blood borne pathogen safety. This ensures that all procedures are conducted with the highest level of care and hygiene.

Health Authority Inspections:

  • MicroBarber undergoes regular inspections by health authorities to guarantee compliance with industry standards. These inspections are a testament to our commitment to maintaining a safe and professional environment.

Sterilization and Sanitization:

  • Prior to and after every session, our studio undergoes thorough cleaning and sanitization. All equipment and tools are meticulously sterilized, providing a clean and safe environment for your SMP procedure or training.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Our team is equipped with the necessary PPE. This ensures a protected and comfortable experience for both clients and students.

Hand Sanitizing Stations:

  • Hand sanitizing stations are readily available throughout our studio. We encourage all clients and students to sanitize their hands upon entry and as needed during their visit.

Contactless Transactions:

  • We've implemented contactless payment options to minimize physical contact. This provides a seamless and secure transaction process for our clients and students.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation:

  • We stay informed about the latest health guidelines and adapt our protocols accordingly. Our commitment to your safety is ongoing, and we remain vigilant in upholding the highest standards.

Rest assured, your safety is our priority. We're dedicated to providing an environment that prioritizes your health and well-being above all else. Trust in MicroBarber for a safe and secure SMP experience or training program. 💈💪 #MicroBarber #HealthandSafety #ProfessionalProtocols


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