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Chris Pritchard

  • 6X Internationally Certified SMP Artist and Educator 

  • Consumer Choice Awards Winner 2023 

  • Hair Restoration North American "Rising Star" Finalist 2023

Hey there! I'm Chris, the founder of MicroBarber™ and MicroBarber™ Academy.

Let me share a bit about my journey... Dealing with thinning hair since my 20's led me down a path of trying every solution out there. From transplants to PRP Plasma Injections, I've invested over $20k in search of the perfect fix. Then, I discovered SMP MicroPigmentation - instant, noticeable, and surprisingly affordable compared to the rest.


With over 18 years in the hair salon industry and a string of awards under my belt, I knew I could deliver natural and effective results with Scalp MicroPigmentation.


I've honed my craft through multiple SMP certifications in major cities worldwide, including Vancouver, Toronto, London, Miami, and Las Vegas. My mission? To be the absolute best for my clients and pass on my expertise to others.


I'm passionate about helping you achieve results that exceed expectations and make us both proud. Whether you're struggling with hair loss or simply seeking a confidence boost, I've been there and I'm here to help.


Reach out anytime for a chat or a free consultation. Let's create something amazing together.

306 581 6978



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