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In-Person Training

3-Day hands-on training with the Founder of MicroBarber™ and MicroBarberAcademy, Chris Pritchard.

SMP scalp micropigmentation is becoming one of the most popular hair restoration services across the world, and training is now available in Canada!


Whether you want to perform the service in a salon or barbershop, rented studio or clinic, SMP is an exciting, innovative, and highly profitable service to add to your menu.

COST:  $4850 + GST Per Trainee | Funding programs are available


  • Regina, SK | February 19-21, 2023

  • Kelowna, B.C. | March 5-7, 2023

  • Private Classes available weekly



This comprehensive course outline covers all of the skills necessary to perform SMP scalp micropigmentation, with over 20 modules, 60 exercises and lessons.

MicroBarberAcademy's course material is derived from studying the top techniques from around the world. We guarantee you will be confident in your skills and ready to perform the highest quality work after taking this course. 


Also, receive a complete TOOLS KIT and 30+ page training manual.

Training is provided in-person. Each individual trainee will receive 24 hours training in this course. Trainee’s are evaluated in-person consistently by instructor with each exercise, and also evaluated by a final written exam.

 TOOLS KIT: $950 Value (Included)

  • Tattoo Machine & Battery 

  • Needles 

  • Station Supplies

  • Pigment Kit 

  • Mannequins & Practise Skins 

  • Training Manual 

Funding Programs Available:

Grants available to help pay for the cost of training, only if applicable.

1) RE-SKILL SUBSIDY GRANT | Covers up to 100% of the SMP certification cost for employees, and owners in Saskatchewan. Learn More.


2) SASK. JOB GRANT | Covers up to 75% of the SMP certification cost for employees in Saskatchewan. Learn More.

3) B.C. JOB GRANT | Covers 80% of the SMP certification cost for employees in British Columbia. Learn More.

4) ALBERTA JOB GRANT | Covers 75% of the SMP certification cost for employees in Alberta. Learn More.

5) MANITOBA JOB GRANT | Covers 75% of the SMP certification cost for employees in Manitoba.  Learn More.

6) ONTARIO JOB GRANT | Covers up to 80% of the SMP certification cost for employees in Ontario.  Learn More.


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Message us for more information about classes, dates, locations and more. 

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Course Outline

DAY 1  (8 hours)

1. TOOLS kit (Overview of your tools kit, how to use it, and where to go to re-stock items) 

2. FAQ (Become confident answering all of the frequently asked questions you will encounter from clients) 

3. Hairlines (Learn the fundamentals of hairline design in order to create any hairline request)

4. Sessions (How to perform the 3 sessions required for a competed look)

5. Needles (A breakdown of needle gauge, type, and count)

6. Blending (How to create diffused hairlines, and blend seamlessly into the existing hair)

7. Depth (Mastering depth with exercises. Proper depth creates natural, consistent results, whereas improper depth creates blowouts and discolouration.)

8. Skin Types (Study Fitzpatrick Skin type scale)

9. Quadrants (How to segment the clients scalp for clean, organized work)

10. Pigment (Understand the pigment shades, and which to use on each individual client)

11. Exercises


DAY 2:  (8 hours)​

1. Pre-Care (Instructions for you and your client leading up to the service) 

2. Prepping the Scalp (Preparing the client for a successful and sanitary service)

3. After Care (Instructions for your client to take care of their scalp after the service for he best looking results)

4. Consultations (Instructions and live demos of consultations so that you feel prepared and confident)

5. Clinic Set Up (How to set up your own clinic and workspace)

6. Live Demo

7. Trichology (Learn the basics of hair loss, and hair loss treatments)

8. Exercises


DAY 3:  (8 Hours)​

1. Density (Working with thinning long hair versus shaved heads) 

2. Consent Form (Creating a consent form for your clients to sign)

3. Service Waiver (Creating custom service waivers for your clinic)

4. Health and Safety (Blood Borne pathogens training, client and clinic safety measures)

5. Total look (Complete a entire service and total look on your mannequin)

6. Live models (Practise on a live model)

7. Resources (Receive resources for on going support and training)

8. Final exam & Certificate of Completion

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