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The MicroBarber Standard

Deciding where to go for SMP can be intimidating. We get it. You are getting hair permanently designed on your head!

Regulations vary from place to place, and are often non-existent. 

At MicroBarber™, our work is more than just a procedure,  it is an art that we live and breath. We take education and experience seriously and beam with pride in our work.

We have crafted and trademarked a new standard in SMP Scalp Micropigmentation, MicroBarbering™.

All MicroBarbers™ are bound to the following standards, quality control, and prerequisites. 

Cosmetology / Barbering Graduate (12 months training)

This is a licensed trade degree covering hairline design, haircutting, barbering, scalp conditions, balding, skin, and body.

Red Seal Journey-Person Certification (3000 hours)

After cosmetology graduation, you must have 3000 hours of real world cosmetology or barbering experience in a professional workplace to take and pass the Red Seal Journey-Person exams. 

MicroBarbering Certification (80 modules and on-going advanced education)

Our red seal certified applicants already have a strongly developed eye for hairline design, a deep understanding on hair, skin, and scalp, and confident, skillful hands. However our MicroBarber™ certification takes things to a whole new level as we transform the procedure of SMP, into the art and craft of MicroBarbering™.

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