I am Chris, proud owner and founder of MicroBarber™. 


Just a quick backstory… I had thinning hair since my 20’s and have tried it all. 

(Transplant, PRP Plasma Injections, Rogaine, Serums, you name it... over $20k yeesh...)


Finally I tried SMP MicroPigmentation and was relieved how instant, noticeable, and affordable it was compared to everything else. 

My 15 year, multi-award winning career in barbering and the hair salon industry gave me the confidence that I can create the most natural and effective results for my clients doing this service myself. 

Since then, I have taken multiple SMP certifications from major cities around the world, on a mission to be the best I can be for my clients. I am also passionately dedicated to continuing my advanced education and passing it on to others. 

I would love the honour of working with you and creating amazing results that we are both excited about, and proud of.


Let me know if you’d like to have a phone call, or a free consult in person. If you are struggling with hairloss, I know where you are coming from and look forward to meeting you.

306 581 6978