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MicroBarberingis a cosmetic tattoo on the scalp, performed by our certified specialists. MicroBarberinginstantly adds hair density to thinning areas, or creates a buzzed effect with a custom hairline. (Also known as scalp micropigmentation or SMP)

The first articles mentioning scalp micropigmentation date back to the 80's and 90's. It became popular in the early 2000's by permanent makeup technicians and tattoo artists. Since then, skills and techniques have come a long way with many new artists and clinics popping up globally every year. 


Specific tools, equipment and ink have now been engineered and tailored specifically for this service creating exceptional quality and results for clients. 

MicroBarberingwas founded in 2020 by award winning artists and entrepreneurs Chris and Daniel Pritchard. The goal was to combine the best knowledge and skills available into one masterful program.


Multiple certifications have been amalgamated to create the MicroBarber standard. This includes training from SMP scalp micropigment academies in Vancouver, Toronto, Miami and London, Red Seal certifications in Cosmetology, Spa, Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup, and over 50 combined years of business, management, and customer service excellence. 


We are committed to providing on-going advanced global training for all of our specialists and guarantee excellence in all we do. 

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